NY State DMV 5-Hour Pre-Licensing Class - In-Car Packages

Suggested Levels for Behind-The-Wheel Hands-On Driver Coaching & Instruction:

Based on our experience, here is a list of possible options for multi-lesson suggested levels. Actual number of lessons may vary, depending on the learnwer's experience needs.  Please note: full payment must be made prior to commincing lessons.  On the day of each each lesson, or in full, for all lessons prior to the service planned. Pricng may vary due to training locaiton and where the student actually lives, especially for out of town calls.  Please contact us for pricing estimates and quotes, thank you.

   1.  N-10-15+1,   Novice level, 10-15 driving sessions + Road test trip / or a bonus driving lesson (whichever feasible):
                        Beginner package: ten to fifteen formal driving lessons and a road test trip. A wide range of instruction that allows a

                        new driver to gain experience in residential, city, rural & expressway driving.

   2. INT-7+1,   Intermediate level, 7 driving sessions+ Road test trip / or a bonus driving lesson (whichever feasible):
                        Seven formal driving lessons and a road test trip for a student who has some informal driving experience,

                        and would like to learn about the proficient level

   3. PRO-5, Proficient level,  5 driving sessions.
                    Five formal driving lessons for a student who has moderate driving experience, but, would like to improve

                    in busy city traffic areas.

   4.  ADV-3, Advanced level,  3 driving sessions.                     

                   Three refresher driving sessions in urban environment and busy traffic areas to maximize interaction and

                   sharing the road with other drivers.   


   5. PRACTICE and/or Evaluation - Practice driving skills with a professionally certified and licensed driver's educaiton instructor to

       better improve defensive driving technique and skills.  As many sessions as agreed upon, after an educated evaluation & discussion. 

Driver's Education for public schools:
      4-POINT DRIVING SCHOOL, LLC, is prepared to sub-contract behind-the-wheel sessions for public schools for Driver's Education courses. Please contact us to discuss rates and other details.

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